Hi... I'm Tom 

I am a chartered construction professional with a passion for the industry and people. I believe I have an important message to share within it to help contribute towards positive change and ultimately a cultural shift in what has long been an 'unhealthy' and often unhappy one. (Particularly amongst the male community that dominates it)

 Not many are aware that Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. You then combine this with a male-dominated environment within the industry and we have a crisis on our hands.

“Every single working day, two construction workers take their own lives”

 After years of personal battles with depression, anxiety and panic attacks while working as a labourer as a teen to a construction site manager as a industry professional I decided to speak out and try and connect/help others who may be struggling in construction also given some of the shocking industry-specific statistics that are coming to light.

 In construction we have come so far with Safety but what about Health….what about our mental health?

 My mission is to reduce the number of suicides and help bring about a cultural change of better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing amongst those working in our unique and amazing industry.   

Construction….Its Time To Change....But Change is not easy.....

 'No expansion or evolution can take place without change, and periods of change are not always comfortable. Change involves challenging what is familiar to us and questioning our traditional needs for safety, comfort and control.'
Michael A. Singer  

I strive to bring about this change by sharing my own lived experience with mental health challenges and challenge/explore what we can do to manage it both on/off 'site’ or in/outside the 'office'.

 Construction….Its Time To Talk!
 Construction….Its Time To Take Action!

 'Mental Health Awareness' is vital with normalising the conversation and reducing stigma but what ‘Mental Health Action’ preventative measures, tools, and techniques can we take and incorporate into our lives before we perhaps reach a crisis point? 

My talks, and campaigns delve into what can be implemented to build happier & healthier humans within our industry…..and hopefully beyond in all arenas of life.   

First Class Bsc (Hons)- Construction Management 
 Member - Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB)
Associate Member - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
NVQ7 Construction Senior Management 
Mental Health First Aider